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Onion Pi: Foil the NSA and Prism with a Tor proxy →

Eine ideale Verwendung für die Raspberry Pi:

Our good friends at Adafruit have been working on a Tor proxy box based around a Pi, which directs your internet traffic through the Tor routing service. Every network packet you send is encrypted and decrypted multiple times, and each time this happens the packet is sent through a number of relays (like onion skins: Tor stands for The Onion Router), picked at random from the thousands that make up the Tor network, before reaching its intended destination. This makes it very hard for anyone to analyse your data to find out who you are, or where you are.

Zu kaufen gibt es die Raspberry Pi bei den bekannten Online-Händlern wie Amazon, Reichelt und Conrad für ungefähr 40 €. Es gibt ein Modell A und ein Modell B, letzteres hat doppelt so viel RAM und damit deutlich mehr Leistung.