Sicherheit im Netz

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How to use the internet in a post-prism world →

Sehr interessant, und einige wirklich gute Tipps:

  • Stop using social media sites (facebook, twitter, google+) to connect to your family or friends. If you must absolutely use these sites to keep in tab on something you enjoy like your favorite celebrity personality who only use facebook, than open an account with one time email account, preferably not one of the big three. Even better if the email service provider is a non-USA/EU country.
  • Host your own email if you can. If you must use gmail, limit to non-personal use.
  • Self-host all open-source alternative to your web-services if possible. Mail, file backup, vpn. Get a non-us/eu vps, preferably in a country that doesn’t have good diplomatic relationship or less possibility of intelligence data sharing with other countries like US or EU.
  • On the browser side, stick to Firefox. While chrome is an open source browser, many of its features relies on hooking up to googleverse services.
  • Learn from this post, “How to be completely Anonymous online” and use browser plugins that automatically remove tracking codes for you.
  • Don’t use skype or other closed source chatting or communication device like.
  • Use Tor when possible.
  • Use VPN for general internet activity, one where you have full control and access to, whenever possible.